• I believe in true love,  marriage and family.


  • I'm happily married to a woman I knew I would marry the second we got together.


  • I'm a proud daddy to a wild & crazy little boy!


  • When I'm not DJ'ing or spending time with my family, I play drums in a pop-punk band called Trinity Avenue.


  • I'm a pop music junky! I remember being able to recognize at a young age 

      that the melodies and 'hooks' in songs is what made them catchy and popular!


  • I'm a Port Angeles native and graduated from Port Angeles High School!


  • I love history- I've often thought about going back to school to earn a degree in it.


  • My favorite band is, and always will be Green Day!


  • My favorite movie is Can't Hardly Wait  and I can quote every line!


  • When I was in 8th grade, my band won 2nd place in the school talent show for our rendition of "Song 2" by Blur.


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